Compression Socks Unisex


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  • LIGHTWEIGHT, COMFORTABLE & DESIGNED TO LAST: Optimally designed to provide maximum comfort and support without being intrusive. Made from a tailored blend of 80% nylon, 20% elastane allows breathability, elasticity and longevity.
  • ERGONOMIC: They allow for a full range of motion and can even be worn comfortably under your day to day socks – perfect for activities such as walking, jogging, running; as well as when resting or sleeping. The discreet socks even allow for use alongside kinesiology tape, insoles, splint supports, orthotics, etc. These foot sleeves have an additional layer of material at the bottom to provide shock absorption for each and every stride you take, this is very important in relieving foot pain. SAY BYE TO FOOT PAIN!
  • Please allow 2-4 Weeks for Delivery.


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